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Unfortunately some marital relationships come to an end leaving you feel stressed and vulnerable. Please note Legal Aid is no longer available for Clients wanting advice in family law matters. Separation can be emotional and upsetting for all parties. There may be a range of issues involving children or assets. The sensitive and personal issues can leave both parties feeling angry and upset. We deal with each case with professional and personal expertise, sensitivity and confidence.

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With over 40 years of experience our team of energetic and robust Lawyers are results driven, focused with a human touch.

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We try to resolve clients issues with honesty, transparency and integrity.

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Our team provide expert tailored advice for our clients to achieve most practical solution.


For a fixed fee, we will complete all the necessary documentation and file the documents with the court as necessary. We will also liaise with the spouse/ spouse’s solicitor as required during each stage of the proceedings. The fixed fee will cover all costs (excluding disbursements and court fees).
We charge £375.00 plus VAT (excluding court fees and disbursements) for an undefended petitioner divorce. We charge £275.00 plus VAT (excluding court fees) for an undefended Respondent Divorce.

If there are any children involved we will need to show how they will be looked after.
In order to apply for divorce the couple must be married for at least one year. The marriage must have taken place and recognised in the United Kingdom.

Divorce Key Points:

  • Petitioner –The spouse who initiates the divorce process by sending a petition and associated documents to court.
  • Respondent– The spouse who is served the divorce petition.

Grounds for Divorce:

  • You must be able to show that your marriage has irretrievably broken down.
  • You must show one of the reasons apply (adultery, desertion, unreasonable behaviour, separation for 2 years which requires consent from respondent, separation for 5 years where no consent from respondent is required).

At Blackstone Law we can help by representing your interests in all aspects of the divorce process. We will need to determine the reasons for the divorce, write to your spouse and hopefully agree the grounds before going to Court. This will make the whole process quicker and less stressful.

Separation Agreement

This is an agreement between couples who no longer intend to live together. The Agreement sets out the range of issues involving any property, children and/or money. The basis of the Agreement is to

ensure that both parties come to a mutual understanding and

confirm the arrangements in an Agreement.

On addition to the above we can advise:

  • On all aspects of your financial situation including Financial arrangements, disputes, Court Procedure and property.
  • Domestic Violence
  • Children’s matters
We are able to offer a fixed fee and a free 30 minute consultation.

Asset Division in Divorce

How are the matrimonial assets divided in divorce (financial settlement) ?

Financial claims will occur due to the breakdown of a marriage. The general starting point regarding the division of assets is typically a 50/50 split of ‘matrimonial assets’. It is important to note that the courts retain a wide discretion when determining which party will receive what assets, which reflects the fact that there are no rigid rules to determine the division of assets. Further, the reality is that the financial settlement will vary depending on the individual case, as each case is unique. The financial settlement will reflect the parties’ individual circumstances and each party’s individual needs, and the courts will make a decision which is deemed to be reasonable on the particular sets of facts of the case. Furthermore, as the court retains ample flexibility when a determining financial settlement, this will undoubtedly create uncertainty when looking to make a prediction of the outcome of the financial settlement. Previous cases can be useful to see how the courts have arrived to a certain conclusion when dealing with a particular issue, although previous cases can only be used as general guidance when determining financial settlement.

Prenuptial Agreement.

The use of prenuptial agreements (‘prenups’) were initially brought to the UK general public’s attention through various American media outlets. Further, the perception of prenuptial agreements is often associated with wealthy American celebrities and wealthy American individuals. When analysing the UK’s public perception of prenuptial agreements, it could be safe to state that prenups are more closely aligned with American culture and their application is generally more accepted by the American public. Further, prenups clearly remain an area of debate and many still believe the use of prenups is ‘unromantic’ and do not reflect the sacred values of marriage. However, in modern times it is important to realise that attitudes and social dynamics are shifting and discussions surrounding prenuptial agreements can often prompt a healthy and balanced discussion. Couples discussing prenups will often result in stating their expectations from the marriage and a clear agreement can provide a peace of mind for both parties.