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What we do ?

Blackstone Law Solicitors & Advocates provide legal advice and support to anyone who is serious about their business.

We provide an excellent service and draft legal agreements to safeguard your position, be it a Business Sales & Purchase Agreement, a commercial lease, a franchise agreement or a partnership agreement. These agreements are to protect your interests and ensuring that they meet with your objectives.

We pride ourselves in exceeding our Clients expectation and can claim that we have returning Clients who are extremely satisfied with the profession service we provide.

Who We Are

Blackstone Law Solicitors & Advocates provide legal advice and support to anyone who is serious about their business now and and what it can bring in the future.

Our Mission

These agreements are to protect your interest and your business plus ensuring that they meet with your objectives so that you receive the best deal for you.

Our Vision

We pride ourselves in exceeding our Clients expectations it is for this reason we have returning Clients.

The service we can provide you :

 We advise you on whether you should acquire your business as a sole trader or as a Limited Company. We work with a range of Accountants who can advise you further.

 If you decide that you do not want a competing business with a certain mile radius, we will ensure that this is contained with the requisite agreements

 If you are selling the business your responsibilities continue until the day of the sale. We will advise you when to terminate any contracts and notify any relevant Bodies.

We advise you on your Rights and responsibilities in addition to the rights and responsibilities of the other side.

We draft the Business Sales and Purchase Agreement to endure that you get the best deal.

We advise and can draft the lease based on what the Parties agree

We advise you what happens if and when there are any breaches of the Agreements.

We advise on Partnership Agreements should you decide to enter into a Partnership.

We specialise in Commercial Litigation, Commercial Leases and Contractual Disputes.

We can guarantee that we can draft our legal documents within seven days.

We are experts in our field, and don’t charge the earth.

We make the relevant enquires before advising you on any business ventures and or agreements. We will make the relevant enquires on your behalf taking the stress away from you.

Our Process

Whether you are buying or selling a business can both be exciting or daunting.

Before entering into any business transaction, it is imperative that the correct level of due diligence is carried out and to this end we work closely with our Clients to obtain all the necessary information from the respective parties.

Whether your purchasing or selling a business there are many considerations that have to be taken into account including the price, the terms and any finance. We structure the Agreements accordingly and offer an all rounded service so that you do not have to pay different Solicitors for each separate agreement.


Whether you are purchasing or selling your business it can be a long drawn out process and often complex. We take this in our stride and ensure that your interests are protected. We assess whether any potential Purchaser understands the business they intend to buy and make the relevant enquiries of the seller in order to obtain the best deal for our Client(s) before purchasing any business. This helps us to advise our Client(s) in terms of the asking price and whether this is beyond what it is worth.

The Legal process can be lengthy usually anything from eight weeks upward. However, this is totally dependant upon a number of factors including how responsive the Sellers Solicitors are, the enquiries that need to be made, and how any finance is to be raised.

If Blackstone Law Solicitors & Advocates are drafting the documents (The Business Sales/Purchase Agreement) this is typically drafted within seven days. It is then sent to the Sellers/ Buyers Solicitors for their approval. It is common for some Solicitors to charge an hourly rate for this type of work. We offer a competitive fixed fee so that the Client(s) knows from the outset how much his fees will be without any nasty shocks or surprises.

Our Sales and Purchases Service Packages

Basic Plan


  • Drafting the Business Asset Agreement
  • Advising you of the implications of Clauses

Standard Plan drafting the


  • Drafting  the Agreement
  • Advising on a Lease
  • Drafting/ Advising on a Potential Lease

Extensive Plan


  • Drafting the Business Sales Agreement,
  • Drafting the Lease Agreement
  • Drafting the Partnership Agreement

Premium Plan


  • Drafting Business Sales Agreement
  • Drafting Lease and Partnership Agreement  plus Advice
  • Drafting Up to 5 letters and further advice